Hey, let me tell you about something that will blow your mind, it’s our Kombucha by Daily Dose ! This drink made from fermented tea will make you forget about ordinary beverages. The secret is the addition of a SCOBY (symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast if you really want to know ) and sweetened brewed tea, which triggers a magical fermentation process to create a bubbly, virtuous nectar that will remind you Cider. Hell yeah! Kombucha by Daily Dose is a bomb of benefits for your health, baby. Each dose is naturally rich in nutrients to boost your health: active enzymes, organic acids, antioxidant polyphenols. It will boost your digestion, strengthen your immune system and give you a boost. So, come and taste this Kombucha nectar that will make you take off, and get ready to live a crazy experience that will change your life, my friend !


Hey Homi, listen carefully, I have something crazy for you: el Tepache by Daily Dose es la bebida más refrescante de México ! This nectar is made by fermenting the heart and rind of pineapple, seasoned with spices and sweetened with piloncillo. It gives a healthy, refreshing and tangy drink, to sip neat, in a cocktail or in a cooler. It’s like a one-way ticket to Tulum, man! If you are ready for an insane experience come and taste the Tepache which will transport you, compadre! And don’t forget to share the good news with your friends, because Daily Dose is the benchmark for Tepache.

Ginger Beer

Irie mon, a dark n’ stormy if you please ! Ginger Beer is a little bomb that comes from the British Empire, imported to Jamaica during the colonial era. This beverage is prepared by mixing ginger, cane sugar, lemon and spices, then fermented with a Ginger Bug, a natural yeast that releases crazy aromas. It can be sipped neat or in a cocktail. Watch out, this will make you grow dreadlocks instead of hair, man! So, if you’re ready for a direct trip to Jamaica, come and taste our explosive Ginger Beer that will make you love it like never before, bro!

Keep those drinks alive!

Daily Dose

Yo, baby, let me tell you Ben’s story. This guy brought back from California the secrets of a magic potion with hallucinating virtues. Inspired by the creative vibe there and their way of consuming on a daily basis, he decided to make life cooler for the epicureans of South of France. Infused with kombucha and other elixirs of youth, he set up his own brewing lab in the heart of the forest of Roquefort-les-Pins (in the Alpes Maritimes), you see? And the result? Bubbles, freshness and flavors that slam!

Our drinks

Hey, let me tell you about our fermented drinks, baby. They are made only with organic ingredients, without preservatives or concentrates, as if they came straight from the lab.


Back to the roots

Yeah, do you hear me? We work with our local supplier friends to select crazy products, and we press them by hand to extract all the flavors. At Daily Dose, we reconnect with old-school manufacturing techniques to offer you handcrafted drinks that rock.


Break the rules

Dude! We say no to the tyranny of sodas! We’re tired of drinks stuffed with sugar and additives hidden behind the labels. Our goal is to find the perfect balance between a drink that makes you feel good, with quality ingredients and explosive flavors. Drinking Daily Dose is quenching your thirst without feeling guilty, bro.

Our mission

  • We offer you a crazy taste trip thanks to the richness of the aromas developed by fermentation. Your taste buds will love it, I guarantee it.
  • We want everyone to enjoy the benefits of fermented products, so we’ve got you covered with ways to easily incorporate them into your daily routine.
  • Change your drinking habits, bro, and you’ll see the difference. We help you find the balance between your body and your mind, day after day, with the acetic acid, vitamin B12 and antioxidants contained in our doses. Your body will thank you, man.