Kombucha is a drink made from fermented tea. It is during this period of fermentation that the phenomenon occurs and that makes all the difference with an ordinary drink. It is the addition of a SCOBY (symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeasts) and infused, sweetened tea, which will activate this fermentation process and create a drink as carbonated as it is virtuous, resembling cider. Sparkling with goodness, each dose of our kombucha is naturally rich in various nutrients to support your health: active enzymes, organic acids, antioxidant polyphenols. It helps digestion, strengthens your immune system and boosts your vitality.


Homi, el Tepache es la bebida más refrescante de México ! Obtained through the fermentation of pineapple core and rind, seasoned with spices and sweetened with piloncillo, the result is a healthy, refreshing, tangy drink that can be drunk as is, in a cocktail or in a cooler. . It’s a one-way ticket to Tulum!

Ginger Beer

Barman, a dark and stormy if you please ! Ginger beer is a British drink brought to Jamaica during the colonial empire. Concocted with a mixture of ginger, cane sugar, lemon and spices, all fermented with the help of a Ginger Bug (natural yeasts). Powerful drink that can be drunk as it is or in a cocktail. Will make you grow dreadlocks instead of hair !!!

Keep those drinks alive!

Daily Dose

This is Ben’s bet, to bring back from his stay in California the secrets of a magic potion with proven virtues. Infused with the creativity of this part of the world and its daily consumption patterns, he wants to make life easier for the epicureans of the Côte d’Azur. Infused with kombucha and other elixirs of youth, he creates his brewing space in the middle of the Roquefortoise forest (in the Alpes Maritimes). The result is bubbles, freshness and flavors.

Our drinks

Based on fermentation are produced exclusively from organic ingredients, without preservatives and without concentrates.


Back to the roots

Chosen in collaboration with our local suppliers, our products are pressed by hand to extract all their aromas. By reconnecting with ancestral production methods, Daily Dose highlights the benefits of its artisanal drinks.


Break the rules

Let’s refuse the diktat of soda! Let’s get out of drinks that are too sweet and other additives well hidden on the back of the label. The goal is to find the right balance between a drink that provides health benefits, with quality products and rich in flavors. To quench your thirst with Daily Dose is to have a clear conscience.

Our mission

– Bring a new palette of flavors thanks to the richness of aromas developed by fermentation.
– Promote the benefits of fermented products to as many people as possible by offering the means to integrate new routines into the daily diet.
– Balance body and mind, day after day, thanks to the acetic acid, anti-inflammatories and antioxidants contained in our doses.